12 Jan 2011

Sir Christopher Lee be back as Saruman in The Hobbit ?

Casting news just keep coming. Here is the latest from Middle-earth ...Sir Christopher Lee has been in talks with the studios to reprise his role as Saruman and now it appears almost certain that he will be back to Middle-earth as long as his health is good. Sir Christopher is 88 years old and one of the main obstacles for him to return was the long distance travel to New Zealand for filming but this problem could be easily solved by filming his contributions here in the U.K. with a green screen. Sir. Christopher Lee looks almost certain to reprise Saruman , providing that he is in good health, he will be appearing in the movie. He is a great fan of Professor Tolkien's work and I know how much the role of Saruman meant to Sir Christopher...can't wait to see him back in Middle-earth :)