20 Jan 2011

One does not simply walk back to Middle-earth - No Boromir in The Hobbit

As Boromir would put it : " One does not simply walk back to Middle-earth " Sean Bean as revealed to the Belfast Telegraph that he is not expecting a call from Peter Jackson for a reprise of Boromir in The Hobbit movie. With filming starting in few weeks time and some of the original Lord of the Rings cast returning to reprise their roles in Middle-earth, many fans were maybe expecting to see all The Lord of the Rings cast back, but this is of course not possible and would probably not make much sense as The Hobbit is supposed to be Bilbo's adventure taking place many years before the events in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Boromir is one of those characters we will not see again, when directly asked this is what Sean Bean said...

"I don't think so. I played Boromir and I got knocked off in the end so I don't think it would be... I mean I could come back as a different character but I think he's looking for a new kind of style and maybe a new look.I know a few people who are in it and should be very exciting." (Belfast Telegraph)

Fear not if you are (like me) a Boromir's fan....Sean Bean is starring in a new fantasy TV series called Game Of Thrones on HBO which looks really fantastic , and is currently appearing in a new TV ad with the Quaker Oats So Simple Team rewarding the people who make a real difference to communities.